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Major Milestones:

  • June 26th, 2010: The Death of Fajr Javid

  • May 19th, 2011: First Annual Fajr Javid Scholarship (UFT Q26)

  • June 18th,2011: First Annual Fajr Javid Scholarship & Awards (MCJHS)

  • June 23rd,2011: Memorial Ceremony @ PS:221 by fellow students

  • June 26th 2011: Family Announced plan to Establish a Foundation in Fajr's memory

  • August 2011: Establishment of Fajr Memorial Foundation

  • September 2011: All Female & All Male Swim Lessons under supervision of trained life guards & instructors. 

  • March 2012: The Javid Family & Fajr Memorial Foundation was honored by NYPD Desi Society with Humanitarian Award for year 2012.This award was given on 5th annual celebration of this society @ Golden Terrace Banquet Hall, Queens

  • April 14th, 2012: Awarded by ICNA Relief for Community Service

  • July 18th, 2013 :  Borough in the  president Helen Marshall New York Hall of Science, Queens Honored

  • Fajr Memorial Foundation for its service to the community and declared July 18th Fajr's Memorial-day in Queens NY. 

  • December 12th,2014 : Fajr Memorial Foundation is a non- profit organization with tax exempt 501(c) status

  • May 10, 2018: Founder Amna Javid Honored at 5th Annual Queens Impact Awards

  • Apr 29, 2021: FMF Volunteers honored at Mayoral Service Recognition Program.

Amna Javid is a member in good standing of the National Drowning Prevention Alliance (Member since Aug 8th, 2011).

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