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Levels of Learn to Swim Program:


Level 1/2 Beginner Class (about 60min class) a week. 

Helps participants feel comfortable in the water with the introduction to Water Skills with and without floatation devices.

Please Note - If your child has any type of Fear of Water, this class will not help them develop the necessary skills to be more comfortable in the water. Private One on One classes are recommended. If not private lessons then parents have to be patient so there kids can be fear free so they can learn.

Students learn:

1. Enter and exit water using ladders, steps and the side of the pool

2. Blow bubbles through mouth and nose

3. Bobbing

4. Open eyes under water and retrieve submerged objects

5. Front and back float, front and back glide

6. Treading water

7. Combined arm and leg action


Level 3 Stroke Development

Build on the skills in level 2 through additional practice so students can move into deeper water.

Students learn:

1. Enter water by jumping in deeper water

2. Headfirst entries from the side in a sitting and kneeling positions

3. Bobbing while moving toward safety

4. Rotary breathing

5. Front float/back float

6. Change from vertical to horizontal position

7. Treading water

8. Front crawl and back stroke

9. Dolphin and breaststroke kicks

10. Elementary backstroke

Level 4 Stroke Improvement

Build on skills learned in level 3 by building the student's confidence and to improve other aquatic skills. Level 4 participants increase their endurance for greater distance swimming.

Students learn:

1. Swim underwater

2. Feet first surface dive into deep water

3. Front Crawl and Back Stroke complete stroke development

4. Breaststroke and Dolphin arm development

5. Sidestroke

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